Scorpion Ribs - Construction
Building tomorrow's RIBs today

Scorpion build 'in house' and continually endeavour to build their boats completely out of composite materials. The rationale behind this approach is that the less wood in their craft the longer they will last and the higher their re-sale value.

Current models have wood only in the transom, a high grade marine ply epoxied. The latest development being tested at the moment is the possible use of an exceptionally high density, high strength polyurethane foam to replace the marine plywood transom. Once thoroughly tested out in development it is expected to be incorporated into all new models.

Scorpion Construction

GRP lay ups are made using only the very best Scott Bader products with Multi-axial reinforcements, box section stringers and Airex foam cored deck. The build-up results in an even hull thickness of 8mm making for a lightweight but very strong shell. Foam transverse stringers are fitted and fibreglassed over for lateral strength and rigidity. Decks are fully moulded and bonded to the hull with fuel tank(s) bonded between the hull and deck. Tube fabric is Hypalon® - Orca® 828/866 at 1300/1500 gm/sq m from Pennel Industries (France), 5 compartments/tube set. Available in a wide range colours they are pressure tested before bonding to the hull moulding. Stainless steel work and upholstery is subcontracted locally. All Scorpions have a 2 year warranty with 5 years on the tube fabric.


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