Redbay Boats
when you must go to sea

Redbay Boats leisure craft meet CE Category 'B' (Offshore: Designed for offshore voyages where conditions up to and including wind force F8 and significant wave heights up to and including 4 metres may be experienced). Commercial craft are built to either the UK's Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) standards or the Republic of Ireland Department of Marine (DoM) criteria depending upon the customers requirements for the crafts service conditions. Indeed Redbay Boats are very proud to be the first company to meet the latest DoM P5 classification for passenger RIB's. Some of the very latest CAD (computer aided design) packages are being used for the detail designs based upon their own practical experience. Calculations and production records demonstrated that craft were being built 20–68%, (68% on the 11m boats), above the requirements for the minimum design and construction criteria.

Redbay Boats

Redbay Boats also operate an exclusive Redbay Owners Club. These Stormforce RIB enthusiasts have several outings every season so don’t be surprised to find 30 or more Redbay’s berthed up alongside each other at Rathlin, Sanda or the Scottish Arberg distillery!


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