Redbay Boats
when you must go to sea

Redbay Boats is driven by the inspiration of Tom McLaughlin, (pictured on the left), a genuine, down to earth and practical guy, just like his boats! Supported by Gary Fyfe, and rarely to be seen these days, an 'in house' naval architect, Stephen Gordon. The company comprise some 20 employees, 6 admin, sales and management, the remaining staff made up as a multi-task production team.

Many of Redbay Boats staff also have valuable sea experience, with Tom McLaughlin having in the past received an RNLI Gallantry Award and others being members of the local RNLI team as both helmsmen and crew which must put them in a very good position for a 'shout' as the works is only a couple of hundred yards away from the lifeboat slip.

Scorpion Ribs

Redbay Boats build 9 models based on six different hull designs covering a range from 6.1m - 11m. All hulls are deep vee and all have 24°deadrise. Hulls, decks and fit-outs are completed at the works with all other items including, tubes, stainless steel, upholstery, canopies and windows out sourced. They are also at the final stages of ISO 9001 accreditation which is anticipated to be completed by June 2007. Some 30 - 40 craft are built per year with their current largest 11metre Stormforce RIB being the most popular on order. The present customer profile is 70% commercial with a 30% supply to the leisure market. There is a 9 month waiting list for a Redbay Boats RIB!


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