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Redbay Boats construct hulls and decks from their own moulds. Tube-sets and all other fittings are out sourced. GRP lay ups are made using Scott Bader products with Multi-axial reinforcement cloths, box section foam stringers and Corex foam cored cabins and deck. Marine ply is used for the transom (50mm minimum), bulkheads and decks (19mm) and cabin roofs and cabin sides use balsa wood (12mm).

Lay ups start from gel coating then 450gm/sqm chopped strand glass fibre matting. Then another three to seven more lay ups depending upon the size of craft under construction, interspersed with 900grm/sqm and heavy weight roving cloths. All bonded together with isothermic resin. An extra 900grm/sqm is laid along the keel for heavy duty applications. GRP thickness ranges from 6.2mm - 12.7mm depending upon the model and are heavily reinforced with longitudinal and transverse stiffeners.

Redbay Boats Construction

Tube-sets are supplied by Henshaw Inflatables (Somerset). Tube fabric is Hypalon® - Orca® 828/866 at 1300/1500 gm/sqm from Pennel Industries (France). The 11m boat has 6 compartments ( 3 each side, as it has a hard nose bow construction), 7 compartments on the commercial specification boats with 5 compartments on the leisure boat range. Available in a wide range colours. Stainless steel work is subcontracted locally, effectively 'in house' as it's literally across the car park. All Redbay Boats have a 2 year warranty with 5 years on the tube fabric.


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