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2012 London Boat Show


Yamaha's David Pougher & Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

David Pougher & Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
Launch of the Yamaha Marine Insurance Policy
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Yamaha Y-COP Outboards

An impressive line-up of Y-COP outboards, all suitable for installation on RIBs
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Two of the biggest names in the UK marine industry, Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd and leading boat insurance specialist Haven Knox-Johnston jointly announced the launch of a new boat insurance policy called “Yamaha Marine Cover Insurance”.

Brand New Policy
The new policy, which is underwritten at Lloyd’s, is exclusively available to boaters who own a pleasure craft fitted with a Yamaha outboard engine, for use on UK coastal and inland waters. The policy contains many new features and benefits, subject to some exclusions and limitations, for all Yamaha owners but the most significant advantages will be gained by owners of engines that have the industry acclaimed Yamaha Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) system fitted. The system is available on nearly all of Yamaha’s fuel-injected outboard range from 30hp to 350hp, with the F150 model being the latest model to be fitted with the system, which is the first of its type in the marine market.

Haven Knox-Johnston, one of the largest providers of marine insurance in the UK have recognised the potential of this outstanding system and developed exclusive policy benefits for Yamaha Y-COP-powered craft. Available exclusively through specialist pleasure craft broker RJP Marine where owners of all craft rigged with a Yamaha outboard can access the detailed policy information. This launch has been made in good time for the new boating season.

Benefits Include New for Old
The policy will additionally reward Yamaha Y-COP customers with several exclusive feature benefits including: no loss of excess and no loss of No Claims Benefit for theft of a Y-COP engine, no double excess on Underwater Gear, new for old outboard replacement on engines up to three-years old and most significantly of all, reduced premiums, illustrating the significance of Y-COP to the insurers that craft fitted with Y-COP engines are less likely to be the target of thieves.

The Scourge of Boatowners
David Pougher, Divisional Manager for Marine & ATV products at Yamaha, explains the importance of the new insurance package.

“Theft has long been the scourge of boat owners, and too often we see people’s prized craft ruined or stolen by mindless thieves. Insurance is an absolutely essential aspect of protecting your investment and Yamaha Marine Cover Insurance is tailor-made for Yamaha outboard-powered boat owners. Y-COP engine owners already know their boat is safer than most and we are delighted to offer our customers the added benefits and peace of mind of this scheme so boaters and families can concentrate on enjoying their boating!”

The Y-COP Details
Yamaha Y-COP is now fitted to nearly all Yamaha EFI outboard engines. The F30 and F40 engines were first to be fitted with the system in 2009 and the F150 engine was the latest engine to have the system fitted in July 2011. Y-COP immobilises the engine by “locking” the engine’s ECM (Electronic Control Module), which in turn shuts down the fuel injection and ignition. The system is activated via a remote-control device, which transmits a signal to a special receiver within the outboard engine.

There are numerous fail-safes built into the Y-COP system and further details can be found at:

Jan 2012