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2012 London Boat Show


Alan Priddy (left) and
Company85 Sales Director Bill Trim (right)

Front row, “Accomplish More” crew
LR: Clive Tully, Jan Falkowski, Joe Mearns, Alan Priddy, Shelley JoryLeigh, Charles Stewart,
Steve Mason, Peter Giovannoli.
Rear row, Company85
LR: Laurie Menear, Duncan Kaye,
Caroline Thornton, Bill Trim,
Steve Watterson, Carina Hotson, Adrian Spink.


Alan Priddy teams with Company85 on vessel 'Accomplish More'

Global adventurer Alan Priddy and the team he has selected for an attempt on the world powerboat circumnavigation record are delighted to announce the appointment of Company85 as their title sponsor.

Company85, a technology consultancy specialising in cyber security, data storage and IT transformation, provides advisory and project services to private and public sector organisations. Global technology companies and international outsourcers rely on Company85’s expertise to help deliver innovative solutions for their end customers.

Now the Company85 Global Challenge team has the solid backing they require to support their attempt to powerboat around the world in under 50 days. The rules for that record attempt dictate the craft must pass through the Suez and Panama Canals and that the journey must start and finish in the same place. While that can be anywhere in the world, the team has chosen the British territory of Gibraltar as the start/finish. The team's proposed route will be made up of five 4,800 mile legs, with fuel and provisioning stops supported by an F1-style pit crew to minimise time spent in harbour. Anticipated stops include Panama, Honolulu, Guam, Singapore and Suez.

Adrian Spink, CEO of Company85 said,
“ The project is a positive, forward-looking association for Company85, and its bold and visionary spirit is a good fit with Company85’s ethos. In difficult and turbulent economic times, we believe it is important to demonstrate how agility, tenacity and creativity can create British winners and we look forward to working with the team to achieve that end.”

Alan Priddy said,
" A long term sponsorship arrangement has to have a common cause and Company85 fits directly into what we are doing. It gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be working with Company85 and my team and I are very much looking forward to our association moving into the Global arena."

The craft for this challenge, named Accomplish More, is a revolutionary new boat. Built entirely to Lloyds specifications, the design is 90’ long, 16’ wide, has an estimated top speed of over 45 knots and a range of 5000 nautical miles. Her twin engine, jet-drive design breaks new boundaries, with the hull shape created from a frame to which aluminium plates have been shaped – minimising the build time, cutting down on welding and creating an incredibly strong and elegant design.

More information about the project can be found at

Jan 2012