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2012 London Boat Show



The supporters of 'Accomplish More'

Company85 –
Company85 is a technology consultancy specialising in cyber security, data storage and IT transformation. Company85 provides advisory and project services to private and public sector organisations, from blue-chip FTSE100 corporations to local authorities and regional police forces. Global technology companies and international outsourcers rely on Company85’s expertise to help deliver innovative solutions for their end customers.

Headquartered in London, Company85 has delivered projects in the UK and internationally in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Company85 helps ambitious businesses adapt and thrive in a challenging economic environment, working collaboratively with them to lead change, strip out cost, and safeguard data.

Blackburns Metals Ltd –
It’s not just that “Accomplish More” is being built in the West Midlands – all the top quality marine-grade aluminium plate (created from recycled drinks cans) needed to build her comes from there as well. Blackburns Metals is one of Europe’s top suppliers of metals and, while they deliver to all parts of the UK within 24 hours as a matter of course, driving the materials four miles down the road from Kingswinford to Dudley must have been one of their more straightforward deliveries!

DuPont CoatingSolutions –
There are paint jobs, and then there is the incredible Cromax finish made by DuPont for all new Aston Martin Cars. DuPont are supplying us with a specially formulated and environmentally friendly Cromax mirror finish, guaranteed to make the boat look spectacular, and ensuring she will turn heads wherever she goes.

The Express Gearbox Company Ltd –
Alan Priddy's Express Gearbox Company is the UK's leading specialist in the re-manufacture of automatic transmissions. There have been huge changes in the technology of automatic gearboxes since the company started over 40 years ago, and it’s that ability to look at engineering problems with an open mind that Alan brings to his unique design for the round the world superboat “Accomplish More”.

Gibraltar –
This little patch of British territory at the gateway to the Mediterranean is the most important port of call for “Accomplish More”. It’s the place where the circumnavigation record attempt starts and finishes, and where we know we’ll get a send-off and welcome back worthy of a boat which is going to sail into the history books.

Inchcape Shipping Services –
While we will have our Formula One-style road crews to prepare the boat for each leg of the voyage, there is nothing so important as having locally-based port agents who know how to deal with the bureaucracy of customs, immigration and completion of port papers. ISS has offices in every one of our ports of call and, what’s more, they are used to working with our fuel supplier.

ISS Lighthouse Relay Voyage – The voyage sees a baton containing a commemorative scroll touring all the ports around the world where ISS operates. Local events at each port will raise funds for designated charities, helping the sick, the underprivileged and disadvantaged, and ISS will be matching whatever funds each country raises.

Micklewrights Structures Ltd –
Building a boat in a town that’s about as far from the sea as you can get in England might seem odd enough, until you realise that Micklewrights’ stock in trade is making large steel-framed buildings. Alan Priddy chose them to build “Accomplish More” because their engineering and welding capabilities are second to none, along with their willingness to build a unique boat using unique manufacturing methods.

Raymarine –
Raymarine and Alan Priddy go back a long way. They have supported him from his early expeditionary voyages in RIBs through to his 1997 transatlantic and 2002 round the world attempt. They were also title sponsor of the 2006-8 Raymarine Lively Lady Project, in which Sir Alec Rose’s historic yacht “Lively Lady” made her second circumnavigation of the world. Raymarine’s contribution to “Accomplish More” will be state-of-the-art navigation electronics and autopilot control, along with night vision equipment and CCTV cameras.

Castoldi SpA –
“ Accomplish More” has a dry weight of around 12 tons, two tons of which is the pair of Castoldi waterjets which not only propel the boat, but provide steerage as well. Perhaps the most dramatic aspect though will be the boat's stopping capability; each jet has a “bucket” just like the reverse thrust devices used on jet aircraft, capable of doing eyeballs-out crash stops if necessary!

Centa Transmissions Ltd –
Two 500hp diesel engines provide the power for “Accomplish More”, and transferring that quietly and efficiently to each jet are the lightweight drive shafts and couplings provided by Centa Transmissions. Better still, the built-in reduction mechanism eliminates the need for gearboxes, saving weight, and increasing the power transfer efficiency of the drive shafts.

Dublinbet –
If you enjoy a little bit of a flutter, you can contribute to “Accomplish More” at the same time. We've teamed up with leading live online gaming provider so, whether you prefer blackjack, roulette or baccarat, every game you enjoy – streamed live from Dublin’s famous Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club – will also benefit the global circumnavigation record attempt.

Henshaw Inflatables Ltd –
The inflatable tubes are there to provide stability as the boat pierces the waves. But, at 65’ long and up to 3’ wide, they’re more than twice the size of your average RIB collar. The tubes are not just a vital component of the boat’s sea-keeping, but significantly enhance her looks as well.

Pennel & Flipo –
Supplying the Orca Hypalon fabric to make “Accomplish More’s” tubes is the French company Pennel & Flipo. A sturdy base layer of polyamide with Neoprene and Hypalon coatings provides a robust material which is abrasion and chemical resistant, and able to stand off the effects of the weather without losing its good looks.

Sportlite –
It started out simply as a way for onboard journalist and cameraman Clive Tully to get aerial video footage of the boat under way. Now it’s become a spectacular record attempt in its own right during the shakedown cruise – the first person ever to parasail in mid-Atlantic! Supplying the equipment and training is world-leading parasail company, Sportlite.

Whale Water Systems –
They might not be as exotic as the big engines which will drive “Accomplish More” through the waves, but the various electric pumps dotted around the boat which deal with clean and waste water are certainly no less important.

Clipper Oil –
Having diesel of the correct quality delivered to the quayside is crucial to a swift turnround and the success of the record attempt. Operating in every one of our refuelling ports, San Diego-based Clipper Oil will ensure a tanker is always ready and waiting to fill us up.

Coppercoat –
Anti-fouling is an essential component of any boat. Coppercoat is a non-absorbent epoxy coating which provides a smoother and more efficient surface than a conventional anti-foul paint, and has been used successfully by both racing yachts and record-breaking ocean rowing boats.

Fiat Powertrain / Hendy Ford –
“ Accomplish More’s” engine room will be humming to the sound of two Fiat PowerTrain C13 500hp diesel engines. Supplied by family-run Hendy Ford in Portsmouth, the six-cylinder inline engines are remarkably fuel-efficient.

HRG Worldwide –
Moving three separate road crews around the world so that “Accomplish More” has a Formula One-style fast turnround in each port stop will require logistics with military precision. HRG have a long history of organising personnel travel arrangements for Alan Priddy’s ocean adventures.

Marine Fire Safety –
We hope it never actually has to be used in anger, but Marine Fire Safety’s automatic fire suppression system uses the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology to protect the boat’s engine room.

McMurdo Ltd –
McMurdo’s contribution to the project is definitely one we hope never has to be used, but it’s reassuring to know it’s there. McMurdo is the leading brand of marine safety equipment, and we will be provided with various boat and personal emergency radio location beacons.

TEK Seating Ltd –
Time spent on watch will be a lot easier in the knowledge that the helm and navigator’s positions are equipped with Tek Seating’s shock-absorbing 500 series seats with manually adjusted bases and reclining backs.

Ace Gas & Heating Ltd –
Portsmouth-based supporter Ace Gas & Heating provides plumbing and heating services throughout Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex, as well as the M25 corridor.

Greenrock Ltd –
With 20 years of organising adventure bicycle tours behind them, Greenrock will be providing the logistics for our Formula One-style road crews.

Insurance, Risk & Claims Management Ltd –
Insurance brokers IRCM will be making sure the boat is properly insured, along with the crew members (onboard and ground).

Stratum Five Ltd / Marine Track –
Marine Track’s GPS tracking system will allow us to display “Accomplish More’s” position, course and speed online, taking our supporters with us on a virtual journey around the world.

Marathon Leisure Ltd –
Marathon Leisure will be supplying a variety of items for “Accomplish More’s” internal fit-out.

Ski & Sports Ltd –
Belfast-based Ski & Sports are official clothing suppliers to the project, amongst other things providing the beautifully embroidered logo shirts worn by the crew and other team members.

Soltron IW Ltd –
Past experience has shown just how great a difference the enzyme-based Soltron fuel additive makes; it helps keep fuel clean and improves fuel economy, giving significantly extra mileage.

Tek Tanks –
A boat as big as “Accomplish More” needs to have tanks for both fresh and waste water. Ours will be custom-built by Tek Tanks in order to make the most of available space.

Business Phones Direct (Southampton) Ltd –
Handling all our requirements for terrestrial telecoms.

Justin Stevens –
Partner of the St. James's Place Partnership, and “Accomplish More” supporter.

SA Mason
Electrical wiring installation for all the boat’s power and lighting needs.

More information about the project can be found at

Jan 2012