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The Duck Project

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The brian child of Andrew Reyland, Clive Brown and Steve Beacham, The Duck Project is a prototype of a novel form of RIB which is currently in build,and which has an unusual operating profile. The vessels are required to act as a form of submersible in that they will be able to operate normally on the surface, be capable of submerging to around 1 – 1.5m, and also submerging completely.

The primary use of this form of vessel is for carrying maintenance workers and their equipment to undertake underwater repairs and routine maintenance of underwater structures, such as oil rigs, production platforms, bridge supporting structures underwater surveying of docks & the leisure side, Sea Safaris etc.

The vessels will have a variety of roles, but their basic primarily operating profile having been launched from a surface maintenance vessel will be to travel fast on the surface to near the designated working area, and then completely submerge to operating depth using electric motors for propulsion and manoeuvring. They will if necessary also be capable of submerging in calm water leave crew heads above the surface but still running on the snorkel equipped main engine.

The RIB outer tubes will normally be open, or closed with simple valves and vents; contained within these tubes will be an inflatable inner tube that will only be inflated underwater to provide positive buoyancy for re-surfacing. An under sole compartment will contain the main fuel tank, and lightweight, but powerful batteries for powering the electronics and electric motors, but will also be capable of being flooded to assist submerging and to maintain stability underwater.

In operation the crew will all be wearing SCUBA or re-breather type breathing kits, and will also be carrying the necessary tools and equipment necessary for the task in hand. All crew will be trained as helmsmen, and will be able to carry out any function in the use of the vessels at all stages of its operational profile.

There will be four versions a 2/4/6 & 11 man a craft; for more details on the ongoing development, prices and models call 07955 211 834 (Andrew).

November 2009