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Seawork 2009
16th - 18th June

Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

Suzuki's 2009 Demo - Red Bay 650
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Photo Gallery

Ribcraft Pro 900 - Sea Safari Rib
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Photo Gallery

Zodiac Hurricane Mach II
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Seawork 2009
It was two years ago since HotRIBS' last visit to Seawork and in particular the RIBwork trail, so it was going to be interesting to see what the light commercial and heavyweight commercial (those who service only the commercial sector) were bringing to the show. Many of the fringe rib constructors had disappeared from the show since our last visit. An indication of the current recessionary times and the expense associated with attending a large boat show. Very few overseas rib constructors were in evidence on the pontoons.

The professional commercial rib constructors were represented by:

    • Avon Inflatables
    • BVT Surface Fleet
    • DeBatts
    • Delta Power Services
    • MST - Marine Specialised Technology
    • Zodiac Hurricane

The light to medium commercial constructors, those who sell to both the leisure and commercial sectors, whose products are upgraded/modified to meet the requirements of commercially coded vessels included:

    • Extreme Ribs
    • Ribcraft
    • Ribquest
    • Parker Ribs
    • Red Bay Boats
    • Ring
    • Scorpion Ribs

Some twenty ribs on the water, when compared to RIBex which had more than 60 ribs on the water, illustrates the level of construction, boat performance and robustness required to compete in the commercial sector.

My show highlights were to see the development of Treadmaster's new teak effect anti-slip decking, which should encourage much more competitive pricing of the plastic flexi-teak products currently in vogue on sports/leisure ribs; the establishment of an experienced and dedicated professional hypalon tubing service to the rib constructors and for private commissions from SIT (specialised inflatable technology); a pocket para military vessel built by Red Bay Boats based on their 6.5m Stormforce rib fitted out for Suzuki as their 2009 demo boat and rigged out with a twin engine configuration using the latest lightweight Suzuki 90hp's, a very economical and tidy little boat; a ride on the Parker Ribs Baltic 900 fitted out as a Sea Safari rig, a true seaboat in every respect and a very dry ride.

Last but certainly not least an awesome trial run on the new Zodiac Hurricane Mach II, a 10m, 900hp plus powerhouse of a rib. Not the driest ride I've ever had but certainly the most thrilling. This boat inspires confidence that it will charge through anything the sea can throw at it. It turns at 40kts as if on rails and accelerates like an express train. Overall a throughly enjoyable show, I just wish I had a little bit longer time than the five hours I could squeeze in.

You can see virtually all the ribs on show by visiting our Photo Gallery. The gallery is designed so that viewers may add their own comments, please do so as your contribution would be welcome.

June 2009