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Jersey Boat Show



2nd Jersey Boat Show: 02 - 04 May 2009
If there's anywhere the UK recession is unlikely to hit too hard it's probably our island tax havens! Jersey, being one of these, proved the point last weekend. Arriving in St Helier to see banks named 'Barclays Wealth' and 'Emirates Offshore' was something quite different for those of us more used to seeing queues outside 'Northern Rock' and 'Abbey' back home. That, together with almost tax free boat sales (3% GST), helped to make the show quite unique.

For the first time a Royal Navy Type 42 destroyer was moored up alongside in St Helier, as HMS York marked the opening of the second Jersey Boat Show, while the Jubilee Sailing Trust's tall ship Lord Nelson was moored at the Albert Pier. Both the Lord Nelson and HMS York were open to the public.

The show attracted some 25,000 visitors over the three days which, from a population of just over 90,000 on this small island represents an incredible turn-out. Being an important and strategic island close to the European mainland I guess that such an interest in marine matters is only to be expected. The addition of visitors from mainland France, no doubt looking for British built boat bargains while the Euro is strong added to the already continental ambience of both the island and the event.

In continental style there were almost as many quayside food and drink outlets as vessels on display. Crepes, paellas, grilled sardines and Jersey strawberries with cream proved to be popular, along with local ciders, beers, wines and spirits. This ensured that the shoulder to shoulder crowds mixed amiably while queueing to get on to the pontoons at the more busy periods.

Almost half a dozen rib manufacturers and dealers from mainland UK took their craft over the channel, with models from Stingher, Rib-X, Goldfish, Scorpion Ribs and Cougar who joined in with the local rib brigade to put on an impressive display along with the 80 or so sailing and powerboat yachts at the show.

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