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Brig Bragging Rights
Continual development sees Brig ready for 2008

Eagle 340 Sports Tender

Latest Brig Falcon Console



Brig have announced two innovations for 2008. A new Eagle 340 Sports Tender and a completely new design console for the Brig Falcoln Riders.

Eagle 340 Sports Tender - To be unveiled Birmingham Boat Show 2008.
Designed as an alternative to jet tenders this beautiful craft is powered by a maximum 35HP outboard engine and is built to fit in motor yacht garages or on bathing platform
storage cradles. Beautifully styled to compliment the curves of modern powerboats the Brig Eagle 340 will also look perfectly in place on a more classically designed yacht. With loads of storage space and the ability to accommodate 4 persons this boat is extremely practical. Its built in ski eyes also ensures maximum fun on the water.

The Brig Eagle 340 is priced for a bare boat at £5300.00 Inc VAT, which makes it highly
competitive. Brig offer a boat that has been designed with so much thought for the user, plus with the Eagle hydro-dynamics the 340 surpasses expectations in sea keeping and strength.

Brig Falcon Riders - New Console
Brig have completely re-designed the consoles for the Falcon Riders. Always innovative in their design and styling the all new Brig Falcon Rider Sports, the 4.5m and 5m Deluxe boats will now be fitted with these consoles that also incorporate an inbuilt fuel tank.

These consoles are also available separately and can be retrofitted to all Brig Falcon Models. For more information please call 01686 414814 or e-mail:


Joe Purches
December 2007