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Yamaha F350
World's most powerful outboard
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Yamaha Outboards

Yamaha Outboards



Yamaha Outboards




Yamaha Outboards



Yamaha’s new V8-powered F350
designed for larger offshore boats

A significant new chapter in the story of the development of the world market for marine power has opened with the arrival of the latest generation Yamaha 4-stroke outboard, the massively powerful and stylish F350. In typical Yamaha style, it is not only the most powerful outboard ever to grace a transom, but also the first-ever 4-stroke V8 unit.

Designed primarily to satisfy the growing demand for light, compact, space-saving engines to power the larger breed of offshore boats, until now the usual territory of inboard and sterndrive units, this advanced powerhouse from Yamaha has already created huge interest around the world.

A 5.3-litre, 32-Valve, 60º V8 with 350 propshaft horsepower and a host of technical innovations, ranging from Variable Camshaft Timing to digital electronic throttle and gear controls, this flagship engine follows in the wake of its massively successful and ground-breaking predecessor, the Yamaha F250, which was also “the world’s most powerful 4-stroke outboard” on its own launch.

But that was then, and this is now; another stunning new flagship model, another opportunity for Yamaha to showcase its remarkable approach to the art of technology.

The offshore environment is tough on any outboard. But the F350 isn’t just any outboard. It heralds an entirely new and revolutionary approach to the powering of larger boats, being deliberately designed to withstand the particularly harsh demands of the marine environment they face. With its supremely advanced 4-stroke technology, leading edge design features, torquey V8 configuration and 350 propshaft horsepower, the F350 delivers a level of performance never before achieved in a production outboard; all masterminded by Yamaha’s innovative and unique Digital Network System, which includes digital electronic controls and digital network gauges. This amazing system, offering a real breakthrough in smooth, sophisticated and user-friendly control of throttle and gear shifting has to be experienced to be believed. It too, plays a significant part in creating the exciting, ultimate-performance package that is the new F350.

From the durability viewpoint, forged motor mounts and oversized mounting brackets provide incredible strength and reduce noise and vibration to a minimum, while inside the ultra-tough, streamlined gearcase we find not only specially hardened gears, but high-strength bearings and bearing surfaces; dual water inlets provide maximum cooling efficiency.

Even Yamaha’s renowned Ultimate Corrosion Protection System has been enhanced for this new model and includes additional sacrificial anodes placed at strategic points in and around the engine and an exclusive paint process is used to coat the exterior of the powerhead, as well as key portions of its interior. Together, these measures provide far better corrosion protection and ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Harnessing the awesome power and torque of this engine and transferring it efficiently to the water is a new line-up of Saltwater Series XL propellers, all significantly larger in diameter and blade area.

Unmatched Power & Torque
At 5.3 litres, the F350 provides unparalleled power to move even the heaviest boats. In fact, the F350 delivers up to 45% more thrust than 250hp-class outboards. The 60º, V8 configuration and in-bank dual exhaust with unique Power Surge chambers not only provide tremendous torque, but they also helped create the internal shape that has led to this engine’s streamlined appearance and stylish, powerful-looking design.
The 32-valve, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) design allows the F350 to breathe easily, and its VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing) dramatically increases torque in the critical low and middle RPM ranges.

Legendary Yamaha Reliability
The massive 5.3 litre cubic capacity produces awesome power and torque in the lower RPM band, leading to a significant reduction in wear and less strain on the engine. Special “dimpled” outer cylinder sleeves also make a contribution by maximising cooling efficiency and reducing oil consumption. Optimum wear resistance and efficiency is achieved by the Ionic Combustion Sensor, which continuously monitors combustion conditions and adjusts ignition timing.
For such unsurpassed reliability to be achieved in even the harshest marine environments, this engine incorporates other key features such as the innovative water intrusion reduction system and exclusive cowl-draining system.

Digital electronic control
When you have an outboard as powerful and revolutionary as Yamaha’s new F350, it’s fair to expect some pretty slick control functions. Yamaha’s unique digital network system is standard on the F350 and it features smooth, user-friendly electronic control of throttle and gear shift, digital network gauges, automatic multi-engine RPM synchronization, a built-in redundancy system and Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM function. What’s more, it’s available for single, twin or triple-engine applications and for single or dual-station control.

Saltwater Series XL™ propellers
To harness the awesome power and torque of the F350, Yamaha has designed an entirely new line of propellers, the Saltwater Series XL. Specifically and exclusively CAD-designed for the F350, they’re larger in diameter than any outboard propeller we’ve ever produced. They also feature significantly greater blade area to provide the raw thrust needed for large offshore boats. With an excellent combination of acceleration, cruising, and top speed characteristics, they’re custom-made to maximize the unprecedented performance of the new Yamaha F350.

Redefining Offshore Power
Its ability to outperform current outboards and provide the level of power and torque traditionally delivered only by inboard or sterndrive engines is already transforming the way builders are designing their larger offshore boats. Moving over to outboard power not only creates and preserves valuable inboard space, but it’s also more affordable, more fuel-efficient, easier and less expensive to maintain and features a higher power-to-weight ratio than traditional inboard or sterndrive units. What is more, re-powering and rigging an existing boat is a whole lot easier too.

So when you add it all up? Revolutionary marine design. Increased durability. Incredible power and torque. So the Yamaha F350 isn’t simply a new, more powerful outboard. Nor is it just the world’s first V8 5.3 litre 4-stroke. It’s the next big chapter in the story of marine power as a whole. Exactly the level of excellence the world has come to expect from Yamaha.


Yamaha Outboards

Single Installation 350hp


Yamaha Outboards

Twin Installation 350hp


Yamaha Outboards

Triple Installation 350hp - wow!



Key features:

• Variable camshaft timing (VCT)
• In-Bank™ dual exhaust with Power Surge chambers
• Multi-Point EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
• Ultra-tough gearcase
• Forged motor mounts with oversized mounting bracket
• Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection (UCP-II)
• Yamaha digital network system
• Yamaha digital electronic controls
• Variable Trolling RPM control
• Yamaha diagnostic system
• Water-intrusion reduction system
• Ionic combustion sensor
• “Dimpled” outer cylinder sleeves
• Counter-rotation model available
• Saltwater Series XL propeller

Model Yamaha F350A
Engine specifications 4-stroke • V8 (60º) • 32-valve • DOHC
Displacement (cms3) 5330
Bore x stroke (mm) 94 x 96
Prop shaft output 261kW (350hp) at 5500rpm
Full throttle rpm range 5000-6000rpm
Fuel induction system Sequential Multi-point electronic fuel injection
Exhaust Dual in-bank with Power Surge Chambers
Lubrication system Wet sump
Oil pan capacity (ltrs) 8.0
Ignition system TCI - Transistor-controlled ignition (coil-in-cap)
Starting system Electric
Alternator output 12V - 50 Amp
Gear shift F-N-R
Gear ratio 1.73 (26:15)
Trim & Tilt Wide-range Power Trim and Tilt
Recommended boat transom height (mm) X: 637 • U: 764
Dry weight with prop (kg) X: 365 • U: 373

The new engine can be seen at the Southampton Boat Show 14th - 23rd September on Yamaha Stand D18 in the Windward Hal. The F350 is expected to be available in Europe during October so will arrive in time for craft being built for the 2008 season.

August 2007

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