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DockitJet RIB's


DockitJet 5.6m RIB

DockitJet 5.6m RIB


Gud Day! Licensing Opportunities from Down Under.
Aussie's steal the march on sports jet powered RIBs. DockitJet RIB’s (patent pending) is the brainwave of Steve Marshall who has uniquely combined the sea worthy attributes of the rigid hull inflatable boat and the sports fun of the jetski to get a unique 2 for 1 watercraft.

The concept of using a jetski to power larger watercraft was pioneered back in the early nineties and has yielded an array of versatile PWC-dockable watercraft such as the Shuttlecraft, Windjet, Jetmate and Jetmaster, but the idea has been taken in a different direction with Steve Marshall’s inventive Rigid Inflatable Boat. Instead of going with fibreglass structures driven by one and quite ingeniously sometimes two synchronised jetskis, the DockitJet utilises an unsinkable RIB for a fast, lightweight, very stable and incredibly practical watercraft capable of carrying six people plus all their gear quite comfortably.

You can dock and undock the PWC of your choice, although the SeaDoo 215hp seems a popular model, and in minutes have the best of both worlds.



The DockitJet RIB 5.6m
With all the benefits of an unsinkable RIB jet boat without giving up the excitement and performance of the PWC. The DockitJet RIB is an unsinkable Rigid Inflatable Boat, powered by a Personal Water Craft, which can lock in and out of the DockitJet hull at any time, in minutes. Superior handling in choppy conditions The DockitJet RIB can fit most PWC’s, becoming a boat that’s got superior handling in choppy conditions, that's great for group outings, safe and dry in chop, stable and spacious for fishing, diving or lunch, and still free to undock for play. The best of all worlds!

Under consideration is the availability of a 100hp water-cooled engine and water-jet to be installed into the DockitJet providing independence from the PWC power unit. Xtreme Engines, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aqua Xtremes, has been created to design and produce the Xtreme engines which will be used not only in XBoard but in a wide variety of industries.

Xtreme engines feature a rotary configuration, which is similar to that of a 4-stroke engine, except it is done in one stroke. Xtreme Engines is also working on a natural/propane gas engine, which is being designed and tested as a “Green Engine”.


DockitJet RIB


DockitJet RIB

DockitJet RIB

DockitJet RIB


Call to Marine Traders : Licensing Opportunities
DockitJet’s Steve Marshall who has spent many engineering man-hours testing the technology and its performance is offering the DockitJet design (patent pending) to a licensee(s) for world/regional licences either in your area or country for the maunufacture, distribution, and sale of these exciting products. To find out more about this licensing opportunity please . All enquiries will be handled in strictest confidence.

Steve Marshall
PO Box 179

DockitJet 5.6m RIB
Weight approx:
Draft at plane:
Accessories: Bimini top
Colour coding to ski
Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia
Licence Details on Application

Tel Ph/Fax: +61 7 5568 7828
Cell: +61 401 888 725
Contact e-mail:

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