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NZ : New World Record

Ginger Gibbs
The Flying Pirates Captain (1954 – 2007)

Adam Wickes – Team Leader
Navigator and Medic

Paul Rix – Engineer

Nigel Hawkes - Shore Crew
& 5th Boat Crew Member


Swashbucklers Flying Pirates
An Auckland based Swashbucklers Flying Pirates RIB Team have set a new World Record on Sunday 0200hrs, 4 March 2007, for the circumnavigation of New Zealand. Starting at Auckland Harbour Bridge they headed north and circumnavigated New Zealand in a custom built Rayglass rigid inflatable powerboat.

The challenge was a dream of Ginger Gibbs the skipper of the boat ‘Swashbucklers’ and Captain of the challenge. Sadly, Ginger Gibbs unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday the 17th of January 2007. His team was determined to carry on and ensure the record would be beaten in honour of Ginger a much loved and respected friend, mentor and Captain. Stepping in as 4th Crew Member was Shag Gibbs; Gingers brother, who did his best to ensure the record was set on behalf of his brother. The unofficial time of 69hrs 44mins 56 secs for the 2222nm run is awaiting UIM ratification.

Log Reports (Some extracts):
1st March 2007 - 0900 Hours
The Flying Pirate crew left on time this morning at 0400 hours but are currently running into heavier weather than expected. This means their boat speed is slower then they hoped. They are currently passing the Bay of Islands after rounding Cape Brett. The boys will be looking forward to rounding North Cape where the weather will be at their backs and they can pick up boat speed for their run down to New Plymouth.

1st March 2007 - 1300 Hours
Just received the latest message from the crew:"Rounded the top of New Zealand okay, still extremely rough so heading in to hug the coast line, eta in New Plymouth now 11pm". Also received a message of support from Gingers Mum "Hello Greg and Bill. Well, I just want to wish you all the best. HANG ON TIGHT. Love you heaps. Mum."

1st March 2007 - 2200 Hours
Leaving Auckland they had an easterly the whole way up to the Bay of Islands; running across the top of NZ was just hellish; they had 3 meter breaking swells. The boat handled it really well but they had to slow down. Coming down the coast still a little rough but Squid and Shag came up with the plan to hug the coast, and when they reached Hokianga they turned and headed to New Plymouth. No sleep yet for the crew but all in good spirits and ready for the next leg, nothing worse then what they were expecting.

2nd March 2007 - 0900 Hours
Got a message this morning direct from the Flying Pirates crew "Had a good night, covered good ground, eta Thompson Sound at noon today, there's a little wind but swell is a concern for the crew. Only way to fix it is to slow down, NOT!

2nd March 2007 - 1505 Hours
"Have just turned at Dusky Sound for the run through to Cape Providence where we have met 5m swells. No problem for us, but we are off to the moon! Have had to slow down to 28 knots."

3rd March 2007 - 0900 Hours
Last night was cold and so still – almost airy. The squid boats literally lit up the oceans at Christchurch for the crew. They held a good speed throughout the night of 32 knots, at the moment the ETA is looking like 4pm at Gisbourne.

4th March 2007 - 0045 Hours
Crew are humming in and aren't far away, everyone at Swashbucklers is hanging out for their arrival! To read all about this fantastic achievementand the full Log Reports visit the Swashbucklers Flying Pirates website at

March 2007


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