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Tart Up Your Tubes

RIB Valet Kit

The RIB Valet Kit
from Polymarine

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RIB Valet Kit from Polymarine
In time for the annual spring clean of your RIB for the new season Polymarine have introduced a Valet Kit for both tubes and GRP hulls. Neatly packaged in a see through draw string PVC 'grab and go' kit bag, it comprises eight essential items as a complete starter pack for RIB cleaning and polishing.

Consisting of: 2 x 500ml of Inflatable Boat Cleaner, 1 x 250 ml of Inflatable Boat Finish, 1 x 250ml of GRP Silicon Free Polish (which means any minor repairs will not be affected by the product - check out for this when buying any other type of GRP Polish as the inclusion of any silicone will prevent a satisfactory repair). 1 x Trigger Spray, 1 x Sponge, 2 x Polishing Cloths and 1 pair of disposable Gloves. Everything that you need to keep your Rib looking good.

The Inflatable Boat Cleaner is an easy to use cleaner specifically formulated for use on inflatable boats , suitable for both PVC and Hypalon tube fabrics. It will remove dirt, white oxidation, grease, oil and petrol deposits and is importantly, Biodegradable. The Inflatable Boat Finish is again suitable for both PVC and Hypalon tube fabrics. Easy to apply with a soft cloth, no polishing required, dries to a pleasant sheen and helps to prevent resoiling, contains no silicones or distillates.

Finally application of the GRP Polish (silicone free) should bring that sparkle back to your rigid hull, and perhaps with the added bonus of a few more knots and an improved fuel consumption.

Priced at £34.96 inclusive of vat. Can be ordered online directly from the Polymarine website by visiting the link: RIB Valet Kit

March 2007


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