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Fireworks from Hot Lemon as another world record is broken!
5th November 2006

Dave and Mike Deacon

Hot Lemon's early evening arrival back at Lymington after smashing the previous world record by more than 10hrs.

The customary Champagne celibration!

Hot Lemon warming up for the Record Attempt
on earlier RIB powerboat races.


Southern Islands World Record Smashed!
Mike and Dave Deacon have set a new World Record. The RYA approved track encompasses the Isle of Wight, Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey and the Scilly Islands to total 535 nautical miles.

Mike and Dave used their rigid inflatable boat, Hot Lemon to set a time of 9 hrs 57 mins 36 secs (subject to official confirmation) thoroughly beating the previous record of 20 hrs 32mins. Using their previous experience in setting three Round Britain World Records they waited four months for just the right weather conditions and set to sea at 06.24 on Guy Fawkes Day, Sunday 5th November 2006. After breaking the ice off Hot Lemon they followed the 05.30 Yarmouth ferry down the Lymington river in heavy mist and darkness and were timed away from the Jack in the Basket starting platform. Having reported in to Solent Coastguard, their speed up the Solent had to be kept down to 30 knots as they ran carefully using radar in 200 m visibility but once clear of Bembridge the mist cleared and throttles were opened to their planned cruising speed of 54 knots.

Hot Lemon went through Alderney Race 1 hour 50 minutes after starting and passed St Helier on the Southern tip of Jersey 55 minutes thereafter having run through the narrow and rocky Violet Passage at 52 knots. They then faced the longest leg of 185 nautical miles across the Western Approaches to Bishop Rock lighthouse on the South West corner of the Isles of Scilly which they completed in 3 hours twenty five minutes. Disaster almost struck at this point as they heard an ominous rumbling and vibration. Twenty minutes were lost as they reduced speed to 35 knots in heavy swell as they did not want to break down in this fairly remote location.

Having closed to Lands End they gingerly increased speed to 48 knots to find that the rumbling was falling away and they took a chance to increase back to 53 knots.

Mike said: " we have no idea as to the cause, we may just have picked up a rope which fortunately then fell away in bits".

The run across the South coast was fairly uneventful in flat seas and brilliant sunshine, they received encouragement from Coastguards as they reported their positions and they took the opportunity to break open the sandwich tin.

As they closed Portland they used their navigation instruments to see that they would arrive back just a few minutes over their target of ten hours; as the rumbling and vibration had ceased, a decision was made to increase speed to 60 knots which allowed them to pass Jack in the Basket just two and a half minutes under ten hours.

Mike said: "for the last thirty miles we were juggling our route timer against our speed so as not to overwork the machinery by running at full speed but to finish just under our target time, and it worked", Mike added: " We were also pleased that we only suffered two injuries, I managed an egg size lump and cut on my head when Hot Lemon twitched whilst I was leaning forward and Dave sprained a knee against the console in the swell off the Scillies, not too bad for 500 miles at 62 mph in an open boat ".

Hot Lemon is a 9.5 metre Scorpion RIB built in Lymington, she has twin 320 hp Yanmar diesel engines with a top speed of 65 knots (approximately 75 mph) and a range of 600 miles without refuelling.

Graham Jelly the proprietor of Scorpion said: "the team at Scorpion congratulate Mike and Dave on a superb achievement which fits nicely with the London to Monte Carlo World Record set earlier this year by another Scorpion owner Chris Strickland, these two crews seem to enjoy fast cruises of at least 500 miles !"

7 November 2006