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Southampton Boat Show
15th - 24th September 2006

The Yellowfin team proudly display their new revolutionary innovation


Yellowfin VSD
Show Stealer: Many great RIBs were to be found at the show and worthy of many a proud owner. However one of the stars of the show for me was an important piece of kit required by all RIBs and all other craft for that matter, the drive unit. "Yellowfin" is a remarkable and revolutionary British breakthrough in total boat control.

A variable surface drive that is claimed to more than double drive efficiency, increase performance and control and all with significantly lower fuel consumption, emissions and noise. Designed to bolt onto inboard engines, diesel or petrol, and even to non-marinised engine units.

The "Yellowfin" VSD is the fruit of 12 years of design development work and 5 years in the testing. Irrespective of size the drive can turn a boat within its own length or manoeuvred sideways with no need for thrusters. Clutchless forwards and astern operations and automatic trim control delivers an easy driving experience for the boat user. A promotional DVD showing the unit working on a couple of RIBs is quite remarkable!

Available as full production units from May 2007, the available range will cover power units from 60hp up to 2,000hp in single and multiple engine installations. For more info see:

September 2006