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Trailer Hubs
Ever been shocked at how fast your trailer brakes have corroded, seized and needed replacing. As any boat owner knows, salt water is a killer, every time the wheel hubs get dipped into the sea they fill with salt water. Once the trailer is pulled out and the hubs drain, the insides are left with the perfect conditions for accelerated corrosion.

Are You Legal?
Most often the temptation is to ignore the problem for as long as possible and drive around towing a trailer with possibly no brakes. This is dangerous, not to mention illegal.

The Good News
Well there is some good news for those RIB owners who are fed up with seized and corroded trailer brakes, a new product to market is "Hub Flush". Boat trailer owners can now stop that accelerated corrosion and save money, an estimated £80 - £200 every year, on their trailer maintenance costs.

The "Hub Flush" kit is a simple DIY modification to your trailer, which enables you to wash out your wheel hubs with fresh water quickly and easily when you are washing down the rest of your boat and trailer.

Simple Operation
Once the kit is fitted you simply push the hosepipe onto the manifold at the front of your trailer and the fresh water will be blasted into your wheel hubs washing all the salt water from the inside out. This quick procedure will prevent the accelerated corrosion of your brake components that causes them to seize and need replacing so often.

Single axle kit £69.99 inc VAT, P& P and Insurance and for the twin axle kit £99.99 all inclusive.

Stop Press
" Hub Flush", as an introductory offer, have agreed to discount 10% for HotRIBS readers. To benefit from this discount you must visit  "Hub Flush Kit"  and you must quote discount code ref: HR0406 when contacting this supplier.

The deal for HotRIBS readers is, £63.00 (saving £6.99) on the single axle kit and £90.00 (saving £9.99) on the twin axle kit.

April 2006