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Egypt Red Sea RIB Rally
Friday 1 - 10 September 2006

Good Interest
The interest in the Egypt RIB Rally continues to grow, there are 5 (five) confirmed UK entries and 10 further serious enquiries. The organisers have teams from Greece, Portugal, France, Belgium and Egypt, the numbers of teams now likely to attend is in excess of 50.

The event will be fully televised and
will be distributed worldwide via both terrestrial and non terrestrial stations. This is one of the most exciting RIB initiatives to emerge in recent years and offers an unforgettable opportunity to see a fascinating part of the world.

Closing Date
The closing dates for entry have been extended. However registrants with the RYA by 15th April will receive a 10% discount.

New Development
A new and exciting development is that the organisers are now offering to provide RIBs for charter to enable those who do not want to take their own boats to Egypt.

Win £1000 + Package
Whichever RIB is leading the RYA National Championships after the Littlehampton race 29/30 July 06 will receive free entry to the rally with all the rally benefits included. This means free transport of boat, free hotel accommodation and free travel for the whole team.

Don't Delay
For all current information go to the website at

More Info
View (pdf) the General Requirements and the Application Form by following these links.

John Puddifoot
RYA Racing Manager

Tel:023 8060 4239
Fax: 023 8060 4291

April 2006