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40 Years Of Outboard Innovation
Susuki Marine Celebrate

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Celebrating its 40th year of outboard production in 2005, Suzuki's leadership in 4-stroke outboard development is acknowledged by the Marine Industry and Press having been presented with four prestigious Innovation Awards by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

Suzuki entered the world of outboards in 1965 with the production and marketing of a 55cc, 6hp single cylinder 2-stroke. This, together with a 4hp model, both aimed at the domestic fishing market, constituted the range for the first few years. From 1970, further models were quickly introduced to create the "DT" 2-stroke range.

The first ever oil-injected 2-stroke was launched in 1980. This was the very popular and successful DT85. A range of oil injected motors up to 140hp was introduced in 1981. The outboard range now ran from 2 to 140hp.

The first prestigious NMMA innovation award was presented in 1987 for the Exante 200, a sophisticated 200hp 2.7 litre V6 2-stroke- the first outboard to offer a voice activated warning system.

The move to 4-stroke engine technology started in the early 1990s. Prestigious NMMA innovation awards were won in two consecutive years. The DF60/70, the first ever outboard to incorporate electronic fuel injection, in 1997, followed by the DF40/50 a year later.

Since the mid 1990s, Suzuki has concentrated on the development of a full range of 4-stroke models, replacing 2-strokes as new models are introduced.

There is now a 4-stroke line-up covering 17 power ratings from 4 to 250hp with further additions to be announced this year and beyond.

The V6 4-stroke range was launched in 2003 with the industry honouring Suzuki with a fourth NMMA award for outboard innovation.

The DF 175 and DF 150 Big Block 4 cylinder 4 strokes, the latest addition to the range, were unveiled at the 2005 Miami International Boat Show.

Whilst understanding the boat owners' demands for increased power, performance and low running costs, Suzuki was one of the first to recognise and take action to reduce engine emissions to protect the environment. Today, all electronic fuel injected and portable models meet the EU2005 emissions standards that come into effect in January 2006.

The most recent example of Suzuki innovation is the DF250, which heads the V6 range. It is another example of Suzuki breaking the myth that, as outboards become more powerful, the larger and heavier they become. By applying new thinking, the engineering team abandoned the conventional 60 degree cylinder bank angle used in other motors and adopted a new 55 degree layout whilst retaining a balanced 60 degree crank - an industry first.

March 2005