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C-Map introduces MAX:
the New Electronic Chart Standard

C-Map sets a new standard in electronic charting with the introduction of MAX. Based on their six consecutive years of award-winning C-Map NT Technology, MAX features innovations that take electronic charts to a new level never before seen on chart plotter screens.

MAX will empower a new generation of chart plotters with truly "knock-out" performance, blistering speed and unparalleled levels of chart accuracy and detail. C-Map's new dynamic and interactive chart technology combines striking presentation, a huge collection of value added data and unique features, such as;

Perspective View
Combining the conventional rolling road GPS display with charts, MAX revolutionises electronic charting.

Live Nav-Aids
Nav-Aids flash in "real life" sequence, illuminate at the correct range and in the right sector colour.

Tides & Currents
Fully animated tidal flow data for the whole world - MAX’s tidal database includes tens of thousands of Tide Stations and Tidal Diamonds, plus a unique worldwide ocean current model.

Value Added Data
Street level land mapping around coastal areas, aerial photos, POI database and pilotage information, guide you to wherever you want to go.

Other features include new large area "instant access" chart data providing cost effective, high quality chart portfolios, coastal POIs, and a complete pilotage and photographic database.

MAX will be available from January 2005 along with some exciting new chart plotters from the many leading marine electronics manufacturers who endorse C-Map technology.

December 2004