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  # 159
Powerboat Around The World
Spirit of Cardiff
  A small treat is in store for HotRIBS readers who subscribe to Sky TV.
Spirit of Cardiff's epic voyage around the world in 2002 is being featured
in the March 19th edition of "Total Adventure", broadcast at 8pm on
National Geographic's Adventure One Channel. The programme will be
broadcast in 144 countries to an estimated 200 million households.

Fitting into a half hour slot inevitably means that there are chunks of the
story missing or glossed over, but it does successfully capture the flavour
of what is after all, a unique moment in powerboating history.

And if as you watch it, you think "blimey, that looks rough", console yourself with
the thought that those were actually the less violent moments. When it was really rough, Alan Priddy, Steve Lloyd and Clive Tully were more intent on avoiding injury, not to mention damage to the video gear.

If all that whets your appetite, Clive's acclaimed book

"Confronting Poseidon" is still available from

March 2004