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Avon Launch New Life Jacket Range
Safety Equipment with the Avon Pedigree
  The name Avon Inflatables has always been synonymous with quality and safety and this is equally apparent with a newly introduced life jacket range. Offering a choice of four different models, Classic, Comfort,
Confidence & Compact these jackets are designed to encompass numerous safety features, to offer complete 'peace of mind'.

The jackets are both attractive and lightweight and have been made to maximise your fun and safety on the water. Conforming to all current EN safety standards Avon's life jackets come with a blue protective cover with Velcro type fasteners. Complete with a built in safety harness (except on the Classic model) and a quick fastening stainless steel D ring. Tthe buckle of the jacket is integrated inside the cover and offers easy handling as well as complete safety if the jacket is accidentally opened.

Due to the Halkey- Roberts release system, the bladder of the life jacket is automatically inflated by

compressed CO2 when placed in contact with the water and can also be activated manually by a release string. The buoyancy bladder has been designed asymmetrically ensuring that the survivor is turned into a safe upright position and that they are able to balance properly.

Standard features of the life jacket are a dorsal panel, which guarantees a close and comfortable fit, a lifting handle and an inflation tube with check valve. All life jackets also come with a manual and automatic release
system and are suitable for persons over 1.5m. Optional extras include a distress light, a lifeline and a protection
hood, (highly recommended for offshore use - ed).

All Avon lifejackets only need to be serviced every two years due to the innovative design, which allows the bladder to be disconnected from the protective cover. This service needs to be carried out at an approved and
authorised Avon service station.

Feb 2004