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Yamaha Acknowledgement
Pictured: David Pougher (Yamaha), Tim Wilks (Ribtec), Alan Priddy, Hugo Wall (Soltron) and Fiona Pankhurst (Raymarine)
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  Alan Priddy recognizes the vital role played by the best of British marine technology in his recent transatlantic crossing. Yamaha, Ribtec, Raymarine, Soltron.... the list includes some of the biggest names in the British marine industry and Alan Priddy was keen to stress yesterday that without them he'd have been stranded mid-ocean on many an occasion.

Together they've supported him through over 200,000 nautical miles and 10,000 hours in a RIB as he's crossed all but one of the world's oceans and endured tropical storms and hazards most of us hope never


to see. As he said, " I may have driven the boat, but they've done all the hard work and made it possible. Their products have stood up to the worst the seas could throw at them". Alan may have thought that his short speech concluded things, but Yamaha had a surprise for him up their sleeve.

Unbeknownst to him they'd commissioned a special certificate in recognition of his outstanding achievements using Yamaha power. David Pougher, Divisional Manager of Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd presented Alan with the certificate and a watch - showing that Yamaha always have time for Alan Priddy.