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SafeBoatSkin® Antifoul Alternative
Visit for updates on its UK Release

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Coming soon to the UK, SafeBoatSkin® is a polymer alternative to antifoul paint.

It is a wax which is applied to the hull of small boats with a cloth or to larger vessels by spraying with the appropriate equipment.

Although the wax can be applied to almost all hull materials, the real benefits of this product are that:-

1) It is transparent
2) It can be put into and withdrawn from the water as often as you like
3) It doesn't look unsightly on the boat

So it is perfect for speed boats and RIBs, plus it is very environmentally kind. Tests in the UK are currently being held on various types of hull materials and it is planned to launch in the UK just before the London Boat Show with a view to having product on shelves ready for next Spring.

Tests have been run elsewhere in the world with excellent results, hence the plan to introduce it here. Until the product goes on retail in the UK, the only way you can get your hands on this would-be wonder product would be to visit safeboatskin or call Steve Reid - 07752 487296 for all the details.