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Typhoon's Racer Pro 150
Some very useful improvements have reached the latest Typhoon Lifejacket, the Racer Pro 150.
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Typhoon Racer Pro 150 Lifejacket

Typhoon's Racer Pro lifejacket provides the solution to the occasional problem of automatic lifejackets accidentally inflating in extreme conditions, by becoming the first company in Europe to introduce the unique Halkey-Roberts Pro 1F Lifejacket Inflator into their range of lifejackets.

Halkey-Roberts' design has an inflator mechanism that has to be properly immersed in water before it goes off, so moisture and condensation should no longer be a problem.

Now, not only does the water have to get into the inflator housing, it also has to go

uphill and round an 'S' bend before it can get to the salt bobbin and inflate the lifejacket.

Other key points of this lifejacket include the Single Point Indicator. If anything's wrong - perhaps the gas canister has been discharged or the unit is due for a service - the indicator shows red, otherwise its ready to go and displays green.

Their new "Super Bobbin", is now designed to be fitted to the inflator in the optimum direction. The bobbin dissolves much faster too resulting in improved reaction times and reliability.