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Specialised RIB Training
For the professional or novice ribster, the WLTI has a course to suit... Email: or call (250) 920-6841
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  Need Specialized RIB Training? The Water Land Training Institute (WLTI) provide a course geared for offshore boardings, harbour patrolling and marine search & rescue. Covering all areas from "Rules of the Road" theory to "Man Overboard" recovery hands on, with frontline RIB training & maintenance in harsh climate conditions a high priority. Boarding training consists of marine radio hailing & voice procedure. RIB handling includes rough weather recovery, 360-degree outer perimeter search of a hailing vessel and safe approaches when inquiring or boarding other vessels. Taking charge

effectively utilizing personnel on your boat in the event of a man overboard. You as the skipper have command and keeping a calm control under pressure is essential. As each student becomes comfortable operating the RIB the exercises gradually become more difficult matching an almost real life scenario.

Based In Canada, The "Specialized Rib Training" course is also carried out on a refresher basis pending on how often and demand of personnel involved. This course includes the Canadian Coast Guard Accredited P.C.O.C. (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) training & exam testing.