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The King Of The Surf
The search is on for the 'King of the Surf' as the Zapcats take on the best surf venues in the UK!
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  Imagine the Volvo Ocean Race without the Southern Ocean leg or the Tour de France without the polka dot jersey of the King of the Mountains. The entire race series is a true testament of skill, but that race within a race adds that extra spark. It showcases skill and determination, often provides the biggest highs and lows of the series and really demonstrates who's got what it takes.

For their 2003 National Race Series the Zapcats are introducing a race within a race like no other. Theirs is a race to find the 'King of the Surf'! Whoever walks off with this trophy at the end of the season
will prove beyond all doubt their mastery of the surf. To claim the accolade sixty-plus contenders in the Zapcat National Race Series 2003 must take on the awesome surf at two of the UK's best surf venues - Rhosneigr on Anglesey and Watergate Bay in Cornwall.

There are only a few short weeks left till the Zapcats take on the eight-foot surf of Rhosneigr over the weekend of June 21/22. After that they have just six weeks (and three other testing Zapcat National Race Series events) until they go to that holy grail of surfing, Watergate Bay in Cornwall on September 6/7. For more info go to