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The First Amphibious Production Boats
Unique New Zealand Marine Invention Set To Revolutionise Worldwide Trailer Boating. Visit to see more
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  The growing reputation of New Zealand's marine industry a source of unique and innovative boating breakthroughs is about to be strengthened following the launch of the Sealegs Explorer amphibious marine craft. A high performance, 4.7m amphibious runabout which can be driven in and out of the water, eliminating the need for a trailer or towing vehicle. At the touch of a button, three wheels can be lowered or raised and tucked away, just like the undercarriage of a plane.

But unlike other amphibious vehicles, Sealegs Explorer is first and foremost a
safe, highly manoeuvrable marine craft, with no sacrifice to its water performance characteristics to accommodate its ability on land. It has a top speed, on water, of 60km/h (37mph), while on land it can travel, either reverse or forward, at up to 10km/h (6mph).

The brainchild of Sealegs founder Maurice Bryham, has taken over four years to release it and currently has world patents pending. Bryham says the unique Kiwi invention has worldwide opportunities and that it "fills a very real need in the market, making access to and from the water quicker, safer and much more user friendly."