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  # 109
Typhoon's New Additions
A new lifejacket, 'Edge', and an update to the Alpha wetsuit range
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  Typhoon International is starting 2003 as they mean to go on with range extensions, new product launches and some unbeatable prices, starting with a fully breathable drysuit for under £200!

What’s more, this is not just any drysuit it’s a back entry drysuit that’s an extension to the already popular Alpha range. The new suit has all the great qualities of the original front entry fully breathable Alpha. The only difference is in the price, just £199.00 RRP!

The Edge lifejacket also breaks new ground. Comfort and safety are combined in this
150N lifejacket so the prospect of wearing a lifejacket all day is now an enjoyable one. Two things make this possible, the integrated outer cover reduces the overall weight of the jacket and the design of the extended yoke ensures an even distribution of that weight. The integrated outer cover also makes re-packing the lifejacket after deployment easier than ever before.

The Edge lifejacket RRP varies between £34.95 and £64.95 making this lifejacket easy on the wallet as well as easy to wear.

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