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Spirit of Cardiff Runs Out of Luck
Just when things were looking better for the reformed Spirit of Cardiff team, fate takes another turn for the worse.
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  Throughout her 23,000 mile voyage around the world, Sprit of Cardiff's crew met with many huge problems, and every time they came up fighting.

Even after crewmate Steve Lloyd suffered a heart attack in July, five days from the finish, Alan Priddy and Clive Tully were determined to come back to Newfoundland and finish the job. But this time, luck finally ran out. When Alan , Clive and Jan Falkowski arrived at St Johns harbour on Sunday morning, ready to take Spirit across the Atlantic, they found the dive platform at the back of the boat submerged and the engine compartment full of water, the
bilge pumps unable to cope with the flooding. It seems a crack has developed in the hull, possibly weakened by sitting out of water on blocks during the high winds of Hurricane Gustav. Even if it were possible to repair the hull and replace the gear, the narrow weather window between Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hannah has been lost. The boat's ultimate fate is uncertain at this stage.

"We've been hit by so many problems," said Spirit of Cardiff skipper Alan Priddy, "but even after Steve's heart attack, we were looking to finish the trip and come back with the under 50 ft class record for circumnavigating the world. This time it really is over. We are all feeling very low."