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1000hp - A Really Hot RIB
Steven Schmidt of Naiad Inflatables (NZ) Ltd tells us about the his latest "Quad Engined" design destined for Bali

  Hot RIB for Hot Adventures! A 14 metre tourist adventure RIB powered by quad 250hp Yamaha's. Top speed, though propped down to carry 30 passengers, is still 50 knots giving an awesome ride especially over a bit of open water. It has 31 specially designed, sprung-slung, super compact, seats to make it easier to move around the craft. It is specifically designed for use in the tropics hence the open nature of the layout.

Bow boarding has been incorporated for ease of beach pickup and landing and there is an extension for boarding from the sea, idea for snorkel trips around the coral reefs. A toilet is cleverly fitted under the console and facilities to serve a full buffet picnic style lunch have also been incorporated.

As it's main purpose is for marine nature watching a hydrophone is fitted to listen to whales and dolphins over a sophisticated PA music system.
The boats graphics are based on the colourful coral trout of orange with almost fluorescent blue spots, with white super structure, bright blue seats and lime green safety belts.

Yes, safety belts, because at times the helmsman forgets to slow down when it roughs up a bit and some passengers like the excitement of the forward seats and the extra movement up there.

Even at 50 knots the aerodynamic effect on the rather large sun canopy is very well balanced and not even noticeable. With it's one thousand outboard horse power this boat has a dramatic appeal with a performance to match.