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Raytheon on Board Record Breaker
The Spirit of Cardiff sets new record from Gibraltar to Monaco

Spirit of Cardiff and crew arrived in Monaco late on the evening of 18 October 2000, knocking 1 hour and 19 minutes off the 36 hours 58 minutes record for the fastest passage from Gibraltar to Monaco, originally set in 1998 by the Cable and Wireless Adventurer as the first leg of its round the world voyage.

Alan Priddy, Skipper of the Spirit of Cardiff said: "We are very pleased to have set a new record time for Gibraltar to Monaco. This is the first of the Cable & Wireless records that we have broken, so it's a major milestone for the project. We know we've got a lot of work to do still, but we are on the way to our ultimate goal. the round the world record."

Raytheon are supporting the project with a full electronics package including twin RL7ORC combined chart and radar displays, position fixing provided by the combined GPS/Beacon receiver and Raystar 114.

The ST60 instruments provide essential information and the ST600R will equip the boat with the facility to steer the boat and monitor navigational data with an ST5000+ power pilot.

The 773 nautical mile passage over 35 hours 38 minutes from Gibraltar to Monaco combined tactics with endurance, to ensure that the team kept up the best possible speed whilst keeping fuel consumption within limits. At its peak, Spirit of Cardiff was travelling at 27.6 knots.

In addition to breaking the Gibraltar - Monaco record, Spirit of Cardiff also set two new records, from Cardiff to Gibraltar and Cardiff to Monaco. The team are already holders of the record for a powerboat circumnavigating the British Isles, completing the 2222 nautical round trip in five days, six hours and five minutes. These record-breaking trips are in preparation for the world record attempt to circumnavigate the world in 50 days in the 10m rigid inflatable boat. Cardiff will the host the world record attempt which will start and finish from Cardiff Harbour around Easter 2002.

As part of this, Raytheon Marine will provide demo equipment to educate and inform the public to simulate what it really is like to spend 50 days travelling around the world in a RIB.

For more information on the project visit: Spirit-of-Cardiff