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SEA TREK RIBs Feature in BBC Films

Dougie MacLean,left with Murray MacLeod waiting for the rain to clear for filming at Castlebay


With a RIB rescue in the 'Castaway' experiment and on a musical journey around the Outer Hebrides

Observant viewers of the BBC 'Castaway' series may have noticed the cameo appearance of a Rigid Inflatable Boat which came to the rescue of a castaway who needed to be taken to the mainland from the remote western isle of Taransay. The craft was chartered from Sea Trek based on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, run by HotRIBS member Murray MacLeod.

The next project RIBs are featured in is a two episode BBC Scotland TV programme entitled "Clann na Mara" (Children of the Sea) to be screened in Scotland later this year. This series will follow another famous HotRIBster, Dougie MacLean, Scotland's leading singer songwriter, on a musical voyage

around the Outer Hebrides by Rigid Inflatable Boat. The programme will feature performances by Dougie MacLean and other artists associated with the Outer Hebrides as Dougie explores the musical connection between the Gaelic language and the sea.

Sea Trek is a small private and commercial boat charter company which provides a wide range of services including event safety support, filming support, location finding, salvage and diving services.

The company also specializes in trips to locations rich in wildlife and characterised by beautiful uninhabited islands. Sea Trek operate using Delta Rigid Inflatable Boats.

You can read more about the filming at:

and learn about gaelic sea songs at: