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Spirit of Cardiff - Around the world in ... 50 days!


Spirit of Portsmouth renamed! After many false starts with the city of Portsmouth, Alan Priddy and crew have chosen Cardiff as the host city for their record- breaking attempt to circumnavigate the world around the northern hemisphere latitude of the 'Tropic of Cancer'.

The project's 10m power boat has been rededicated and named Spirit of Cardiff. Project Spirit is the brainchild of Alan Priddy who is confident that the boat, which he designed and built, will defeat the existing 75 day record set in 1998 by the 'Cable & Wireless Adventurer'.

The decision to make Cardiff the host city and nerve centre for the world record attempt came following the first meeting of the council's new Cardiff Harbour Committee. Marion Drake, Deputy Lord Mayor of Cardiff County Council said:

"This is great news and an honour for the city. It is a wonderful opportunity to put Cardiff on the international stage yet again and we will do everything we can to ensure that this major world record breaking attempt is a success."

Easter Sunday 2002 will see the start and with 24,500 sea miles some 50 days later the finish at Cardiff Harbour. The 28 leg journey will be punctuated by one-hour stops to take on fresh fuel, food and supplies. Pit stop crews will leap-frog around the world, ahead of the boat, sourcing everything that's needed for its voyage.

Alan needs help and support and to keep abreast of the project's development prior to, and during the team's attempt, you can visit the project's website and become a subscriber to the project.