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Needles Trophy - Brief History
"Cookee" brings us up to speed
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The Needles Trophy was first presented in 1932 and every year until 1938. A break until 1951, 1952, 1954, 1956. Then another break until 1967 until 1989 inclusive.

In more recent times these are a few of the very well known names and names known in the Powerboat Racing circle.

In 1969: A. Pasco Watson.
In 1972: Won by Tim Powell, HRH Prince Michael of Kent, William Meyers, Stirling Moss.
In 1973: Keith Dallas.
In 1980: Ted Toleman.
In 1984 and 1987 Alex Foster raced in the winning boat.
In 1988: Eduardo Poli.

Then presented 1992: Richard Carr
In 1993: Andreas Ugland and Jann Hillestad
In 1994: Marco and Massimo Capoferi.
In 1996: Charles Burnett and Peter Dredge.
In 2002: Peter Dredge and Ian Sanderson.

In 2004 The Royal Motor Yacht Club, decided to Award the NEEDLES TROPHY to a class of Powerboats who would race to the "Needles".

In 2004: Jackie Hunt and Mike Shelton.
In 2005: Which brings us up to the current winners of John Cooke and Graham Lawton.

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