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Ballistic to the Balearics
JBT Marine goes Ballistic to Menorca
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Coming ashore, with the aid of its local contacts, JBT Marine set foot in Mahon, the island’s unofficial capital, and one of the deepest natural harbours in the world, peppered with enchanting isles and inlets. Mooring up at its private jetty and heading towards its beautiful hillside villa, overlooking the picturesque harbour, JBT Marine looked forward to a well-deserved early evening meal and cold beer on its sun-drenched terrace.

During its week on Menorca, JBT Marine explored and visited much of the island’s treasured coastline, visiting fishing villages, tiny inlets, countless coves and caves as well as restaurants boasting the freshest of local fish and bars bursting with the locals who had caught them.

One memorable trip saw JBT Marine set off for a trip, with eight seafarers in total,

  plus a fully loaded picnic, to Es Grau, a beautiful Menorcan inlet only accessible by boat. Navigating moderately choppy waters with ease and then cruising through the calm, clear turquoise waters of the inlet’s bay, the Ballistic released its anchor and was converted to hold a lunch time feast. Hiding away the sun bed and putting up the table, the eight members of JBT Marine mini-mission indulged in a lovely meal looking out on to the beautiful inlet.

Having alighted for a short exploration of Es Grau, taking in the amazing scenery and wildlife, including the indigenous lizards, JBT Marine and its crew headed back to a nearby fishing village, taking in some breathtakingly rugged cliff top landscapes, to soak up some more of the island’s unique atmosphere.



After an incredible nine days exploring Menorca, JBT Marine headed back to Port Ginesta on the Ballistic, as it started the homeward bound leg of its mission. Rising at dawn, JBT Marine followed the local fishing boats out of the harbour, on water so still is seemed like glass. With the sun coming up over the back of the Ballistic, JBT Marine bid farewell to the island in breathtaking fashion and headed full throttle to the Spanish mainland.

But the adventures were not quite over. Going flat out at 60 mph for two hours, before cruising at a slightly slower speed for an hour as the waters began to swell, JBT Marine expected to see its mainland destination at some 30 miles offshore. However, it was nowhere to be seen – the GPS and compass dictated that the right course had been taken but there was no sign of land. Slowing down further, JBT Marine continued to follow its course. But at 20 miles out and then at 10 miles, still no sight of land. Instruments were rechecked and reread and they were still demanding that land should be to the fore.


And then it all became clear – or not, as it proved! At about five miles offshore, JBT Marine encountered the source of its confusion, a fog bank two miles thick, cutting visibility down to a mere 30 metres.

Safely navigating the bank, the Ballistic emerged the other side to be once again drenched in the Mediterranean sunshine. JBT Marine’s equipment had been bang on and the coastline loomed before the Ballistics’ bow.

Getting the Ballistic smoothly out of the water and securely back on its trailer, JBT Marine enjoyed a mid morning breakfast at the marina and took in one last look at the Port Ginesta coastline – for this year anyway!

Laden with Rioja from a local specialist wine seller, JBT Marine headed back across northern Spain to Santander having had a wonderful week of RIB-inspired adventure in Menorca.







jonny and louise
JBT Marine - Jonny & Louise


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August 2005

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