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EURIB - Pordenone to Grado Page 4/7
by Frances Goulding

After a few glasses of wine the 'skippers' found no problem in leaving their moorings at Aquileia!
  The morning of culture had made us hungry for lunch and, true to the excellent organisation which had become apparent throughout the event, we were not disappointed. A short walk took us to the Ristorante Fonzari where good food and wine awaited us.

From Aquileia we made our way back to Grado to prepare for an evening at the Ristorante Due Rose - for even more eating and drinking!

The weather during the event thus far had been really good, warm sunshine and blue
sky, but during our evening meal we were treated to a spectacular thunderstorm which lasted for over an hour. Lightening illuminated the sky and the rain came down in torrents.

It was quite exciting for the small British contingent to watch - we're used to seeing rain of course but not accompanied by such a terrific sound and light show.

On Sunday morning we said farewell to Grado and started our return journey


An unusual wine bin at the restaurant, each bottle bears the head of a famous or infamous leader of the last century

We stopped at Villanova di Motta di Livenza where welcome drinks awaited us prior to lunch at Villa Rietta-Rota.

Our last meal together before the event drew to a close was at the Villa Reitta-Rota. Speeches were made, thanks were given and the organisers must have heaved a huge sigh of relief that everything had gone so well. All that remained was the short trip back to Pordenone and the task of getting all the boats out of the water. No problem!

Congratulations must go to AGP, the organisers, with many thanks for all their hard work.