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Vancouver to Alaska

Entrance to Glacier Bay

To stand before the tidewater glaciers from Icy Strait, as Vancouver had done just over 200 years before, was to be quite exciting.

We departed Juneau on a brighter day which permitted a glimpse of the huge Mendenhall Glacier in the mountain valley and headed north west and eventually into Icy Strait.

No ice, no glaciers? Vancouver was halted in his wake at the position at which we hove to. Only humpback whales sounding, provided suitable recompense for the demise of the huge ice walls once observed by those valiant explorers.

We voyaged a further 1° north to stand before the Alaskan glaciers we had come to see. Since first sight by Europeans some 200 years before, global warming had claimed 60 nautical miles of seaway.

Towers of Ice

As we stoped at our voyages most northerly position, we stood before towers of ice thousands of years old calving into the tidewater, which was very impressive.

With cracks like gunshot and rumbles like thunder huge ice pinacles tumbled into the inlet leaving "Salty Sam"to carve natural ice sculptures for our enjoyment.