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Vancouver to Alaska

Sea Fog engulfs the mountains in a cloak of cold, mixes with the cloud above. These huge fog banks shroud both land and sea stretching for 30 miles or more, hanging around sometimes up to a week. Humpback whales provided the magic, the rasp of their airblows echoed from the mountains and filled the air with mist. After quietly resting on the surface they huddled close to one another before, with a final flip of their tails, they sounded quietly to the depths below as if performing at the ballet.

We witnessed just the once, a breech of a humpback whale, very impressive. Suddenly and surprisingly and perhaps too close for comfort but still a magnificent sight as 30 tons of whale leapt out of the water only to fall back in a cascade of foam.

..Orca - Johnstone Strait

On our voyage we met Orca (killer whale), Humpback and Minke whales, Dolphin and and Brownbear. It was fascinating to learn that different Orca pods have different dialects when communicating with each other, and that behavioural patterns change when transient and resident Orca are in the same waters.

Once we met a marauding transient, (meat eaters) when we stopped for lunch just bobbing on the water. A dorsal fin by a good estimate more than 2 metres high which indicated a mature male some 9 metres long. This magnificent animal bigger and heavier than our Rib and just a boat length apart! I'm not sure he was just checking out our cheese baguette!

Orca - Spy Hopping in Frederick Sound