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In The Beginning...
By Tony Lee-Elliott
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There are about 120 RIB manufacturers worldwide with about one third of them in the British Isles. The British RIBs are the 'Macho' craft, the 'Med' boys build the pretty boats and the 'Yanks' are into the commercial and military craft. This is only the 'norm', but the British Ribs manufacturers are the leaders and the most versatile. We do build pretty Ribs and commercial ones too, but I would say that the RIBsters in our isles are very much spoilt for choice.

If I can offer any advice to potential buyers it would be about size and equipment. Ribs in the right hands can go anywhere, but it is not until you go beyond the 5m mark that you start to get a reasonable ride in the rough.

However, just because you own a 9m RIB it does not mean that you will still have comfort offshore in the rough. Reading the waves and getting your speed right for a steady cruise is important.

Generally we all tend to drive too fast in the rough, only to have to stop to check that everyone is OK and tighten up bits and pieces. And about those bits and pieces; remember that the more goodies that you bolt on, the more there is to go wrong and to fall off.

Tony Lee-Elliott can be contacted at Flatacraft on +44 (0) 116 230 1020 and will be pleased to advise owners on tricky repairs and any problems they might have, no matter what RIB they own.